I've been at this for decades, starting as a teenage newspaper "music critic," a title I hate, in Greenville, Michigan. I went on to write for publications in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other cities, including my hometown paper in the Iowa-Illinois Quad-Cities. I also played country music and managed a local hard rock band there. I ended up in Los Angeles, playing post-punk, country, Top 40 and Gospel music. I released a single there that showed the influence of acts like Neil Young, Steely Dan, and the Police, and got a little airplay. I played pop/jazz/Motown in the lounges of Las Vegas off and on for 11 years, and worked as a radio announcer. I also released a rap novelty single, which I performed on the Gong Show in Hollywood at CBS. I landed in Nashville; I figured I could write some hit songs. I have written with several friends who have Grammys and gold and platinum albums. I thought I could easily write the crap I heard on country and pop radio and get rich.

I was wrong. I can't write popular music because I don't get it, I don't feel it. I don't think like that. So I learned the hard way to be true to myself, to the music I love - straight-ahead jazz and classical, the Beatles, the Allman Brothers, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, even some rappers, people who are truly artists of all genres and generations. Not that I sound anything like any of them or am foolish enough to think I have their talents. My best option at this point is to re-invent myself as a solo act, playing and singing what I feel as a musician and a composer, and writing as a storyteller who has observed human behavior for decades as a journalist and reporter. So I have recorded the fruits of this solo re-invention in the download-only album Songs You Need To Hear, available on iTunes, Amazon, etc., and can be streamed on Spotify and others. 

I also authored an e-novel about a one-legged alcoholic Midwestern pig farmer who terrorizes his family called Bringing In the Sheep. Seriously. It's available for download only at Amazon.com.

As a journalist and reporter I have written for:

  • American Songwriter magazine and American Songwriter.com

  • American Legion magazine

  • Music and Sound Retailer magazine

  • Nashville Music Guide

  • Kappa Alpha Journal

  • Nashville Business Journal

  • AHA! magazine, Las Vegas, NV (editor)

  • Tampa, FL Tribune

  • Jacksonville, FL Times-Union

  • Davenport, IA Quad-City Times

  • Dover, NH Foster’s Daily Democrat

  • Spartanburg, NC Herald Journal

  • Poughkeepsie, NY Journal

  • Sandpoint, ID Bonner County Daily Bee

  • Williamsport, PA Sun-Gazette

  • South Bend, IN Tribune

  • Gary, IN Post-Tribune

  • Lewiston, ME Sun-Journal

  • Idaho Falls, ID Post-Register

  • Simi Valley, CA Enterprise

  • Muscatine, IA Journal

  • Academic Medicine magazine (as editor/proofreader of an academic study article by four Vanderbilt University Medical Center physicians)

  • nashville.about.com

  • rezoom.com

  • TONEAudio

  • ... and the list goes on