I spent many years as a lead guitarist and player of other instruments in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Midwest, Nashville and other places (click on my bio link up in the little three-line menu icon in the top right of the page). Unfortunately, because of an auditory disability I developed (Meniere's disease, cochlear damage and related inner ear/pitch problems), it became impossible for me to play effectively with other people. So I have re-invented myself as a singer-songwriter type, and have been compared to David Bowie, Steely Dan, Neil Young and others. I don't agree but I'll take anything I can get. My new album, recorded in spite of my hearing disability (with some help from a computer), is called Songs You Need to Hear. It can be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon, etc., and can be streamed on Spotify and other streaming sites.

I'm also a professional award-winning writer and journalist who has written for major newspapers, magazines, websites, music publicists, bands, radio, TV, a big medical center, a government contractor, a coal exploration company, various non-profits ... I've written a lot of stuff. I'm a regular contributor to American Songwriter magazine in Nashville. And I have an e-novel available for download on Amazon called Bringing In the Sheep. You can also visit me at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (click the contacts page).

All music is written and copyright Rick Moore, published by Meatball Man Music (BMI), with the exception of "Mean Cheese," written and copyright Rick Moore and Jeff Dalrymple and published by Waspi Music (ASCAP). "When I'm King," "PhD" and "Waltz With Zyn" are published by Waspi Music (ASCAP).

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My semi-autobiographical labor of love and catharsis, the e-novel Bringing In the Sheep, is available for download only at